American CEO Reduced His Father’s Age By 25 Years, THIS Is How Much He Spends

People work super hard to stay fit and young throughout their life. Some sweat for hours in the gym while others take the help of yoga to look young. Everyone is afraid of old age. This is the reason no one wants to grow old. 

The method adopted by a 45-year-old millionaire industrialist to remain 18 years old forever is quite expensive and strange. To stay young, he is taking the services of a team of 30 medical professionals. He is spending Rs 16 crore annually on this.

Bryan Johnson is the CEO of California based KernelCo biotech company in America, who is currently 45 years old. He wants to reduce his body age to that of an 18 year old boy and for this he is spending crores of rupees.

Source: GQ magazine

Bryan Johnson claims that he has stopped himself from aging by following a strict routine. His physical stamina and lung power is like that of an 18 year old man and his heart is like that of a healthy 37 year old man even at the age of 45. Not only this, Johnson says that he has made his skin like that of a 28-year-old person.

Bryan Claimed That He Reduced His Father’s Age

American CEO Bryan Johnson Claimed that his blood has reduced his father’s age by 25 years. He exchanged his blood plasma with his father and said that “After receiving 1-litre of my plasma, my father is ageing at the rate of a 46-year-old. Previously, he was ageing at the rate of 71-year-old”.

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