Chal Jindiye Song Review: Re-Live The Amrinder Gill Magic Once Again, After 7 Years Of Wait

SongChal Jindiye
AlbumJudaa 3 (Part 1)
SingerAmrinder Gill
MusicDr. Zeus
LyricsBir Singh
VideoBaljit Singh Deo
Kiddaan Rating

This is perhaps the happiest day for the Punjabi Music fans. There cannot be a day better than the one when Amrinder Gill drops one of the most awaited albums in the history of Punjabi Music. Judaa 3 is here! Judaa 3 is finally here!

The man who can break your heart just with his voice, the man who can put the pieces together again, with just his voice, the man with the most melodious voice in the industry, Amrinder Gill has released the opening track, ‘Chal Jindiye’ from Judaa 3. This album comes after a wait of 7 long years after Judaa 2. You can already imagine the expectations from this one.

Beginning with, Chal Jindiye is a masterpiece! Bir Singh has lent his beautiful lyrics to the song and believe us, you have never heard a song of such beauty. It was exactly what the opening track of Judaa 3 should have been. An insight into the beautiful lyrics: In one of the lines Amrinder Gill says, “In that world, the world we go after we die, the unknown dimension, nothing is allowed for the man to take with him. Not even arrogance, not pride, nothing!” Bir Singh is a master lyricist.

Amrinder Gill has the most melodious voice in the industry. We are not even mentioning ‘one of the’. This is the first time in 7 years we have finally heard an album song from him. The feeling in itself is magnificent. The videography has been taken care of by Baljit Singh Deo. Though it is an amazing video, somewhere it does not feel on par with the out-of-the-world lyrics and the overall song. Dr. Zeus on the beat, the OG duo, Amrinder and Dr. Zeus was created by God to never disappoint us, and Chal Jindiye is another example.

Another reason to love this song is a tiny detail in the description of the song. In addition to mentioning the ‘Farmer Slogan’, Rhythm Boyz Youtube official channel preferred Punjabi over English. The description was first written in the mother tongue, and then in English. There is nothing much more to say. Amrinder Gill was born to leave us speechless. Just put on your headphones, close your eyes, feel the music and cherish the Amrinder Gill feel again, something we missed for over 7 years.

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