Challa Mud Ke Ni Aya : Amberdeep Singh Is All Prepared For His Next Venture

Is 2021 even for real! With already big releases lined up for the year, the year keeps on surprising with every passing day. It’s Amberdeep Singh who is ready to blow the industry again this time.

He is known for writing and directing some of the best pictures the industry has ever produced. Now his next venture, Challa Mud Ke Ni Aya has been officially announced.

The multi-talented artist made the announcement public through his official Instagram account. The poster of the film is very intriguing indeed. And above all, it’s written and directed by Amberdeep Singh, probably one of the most renowned artists in the industry. Amberdeep is currently working on his next film “Je Jatt Vigad Geya”.

The film boasts off a huge star cast with names like Nimrat Khaira, Jayy Randhawa, and Aditi Sharma in the movie. Amberdeep is working as a director and an actor in the movie. The project is also very anticipated among the audience, it was announced in 2019, but the shooting started in 2021.

While all the artists were announcing titles, Amberdeep couldn’t stay far behind. The audience is always in wait for Amberdeep’s projects, the man always brings something unique to the industry and that is all we can expect from “Challa Mud Ke Ni Aya”. 

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