Chani Nattan & Inderpal Moga’s ‘W’ Deserves A Place In Your Gedi Route Playlist

Every Punjabi is a huge fan of upbeat music and ‘shaam di gedi’. If you are someone who likes to play your favorite and latest banger songs on your gedi route, then we have a new recommendation for you. We recently listened to Chani Nattan and Inderpal Moga’s latest song ‘W’ which also features Canadian rapper TVGUCCI. 

The song ‘W’ not only has a unique and catchy name but is an absolute banger too. The duo; Chani Nattan and Inderpal Moga have already entertained fans with superhit and popular songs like Daku, Bad Boys and many more. And now, their latest song is out to grab everyone’s attention once again. 

The song’s lyrics are penned by Chani Nattan and are the most outstanding characteristic of the track. Chani Nattan has definitely put in a lot of effort in making the lyrics stand out and maintain a desi vibe to the modern beats of the song. 

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Similarly, the video of the song also looks very classy as it maintains a proper balance of indo-western themes. While we get to see luxury cars, graffiti lanes, 

and cool LEDs, on the other hand, we also enjoy spotting jeeps, old Havelis, and typical desi outfits. All this has definitely made us fall in love with the overall look of the music video. And for this, we need to appreciate the skills and settings done by the team behind the camera. 

Now coming to the most important part of any song; the vocals. Inderpal Moga and TVGUCCI have given their voices to the amazing lyrics of the song. While Inderpal has sung the Punjabi musical part of ‘W’, TVGUCCI has added more class to the song with the English rap part. While Inderpal has impressed us already in various Punjabi songs, TVGUCCI too is incredible and so was his latest collaboration with Drake. TVGUCCI joined hands with Drake for the song Bora Bora.

The overall vibe of the song ‘W’ is very classy and upbeat, so you don’t really need to rethink before simply adding it to your favorite ‘gedi route playlist’. 

Watch the official music video of the song ‘W’ here, 

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