Check How Was Shehnaaz Gill And Sidharth Shukla Starring ‘Shona-Shona’ Created Using VFX

The surreal world that the music video of “Shona Shona”, by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar, presents to its audience is the quintessential example of a high-budget video. To bring such an extravagant 3D world to life, heavy Vfx, 3D modeling and master video editing was indispensable. Inside Motion Pictures took the strenuous job to actualize the otherwise fictitious world. 

The video is bound to make a curious mind interrogative. Inside Motion Pictures uploaded a video on their youtube channel for such seekers of knowledge, breaking down the VFX job done to produce the world. The VFX editor of the video is InsideAKY. VFX in simpler terms means making use of visual effects to bring the real life actual footage (mainly shot on the green screen) and merge it with various Computer Graphics Elements. Satnam Nain executed the job of 3D modelling. Various background sets, buildings and objects were produced by Satnam through 3D modelling. The 3D environment of the sets was created by NPS3D and various 3D additions and CGI work was executed by Swarn creations and Ankush Goyal. 

The white building with numerous windows with the sky background, wherein many characters including Shehnaaz and Sidharth can be seen talking to each other and the restaurant bar in the background where the leads are dancing were created through 3D modelling and then artificial lighting was induced to bring a realer effect. The actors performed their dancing moves on the green screen and were later added to the visual world. 

The opening shot with the train railing within the beautiful fields and bright sunlight atop the mountain was created by NPS3D. The mountain was created through 3D modelling software Blender and PNGtree was used to create the visual trees and then the train and the tracks were placed on the scene. The shot in which Sidnaaz can be seen couple-dancing on the top of a moving train was mainly a layer-adding work. First the night background was chosen and then the 3D moon was layered, similarly the trees and the hills and then finally the moving train. The video couple Sidnaaz were later added to the scene. Last but not the least, The “Fruit Ninja” scene was made possible by first making use of Element3D’s Fruit pack and then Article Replicator to multiply the fruits. Element 3D was again used to create the background of the scene. This way, the Inside Motion Pictures team made possible the music video of the song, completely graphically produced. 

It is so astonishing that videos of such a level are possible today and it requires only a room and a computer. The real deal is the skills required on that computer. Such outstanding work should not go unnoticed. Thanks to all the Vfx artists and various 3D artists for making such imaginary worlds real through their unimaginable skills.

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