Chobbar Trailer Review: A Gripping Story With Over-The-Top Action

The Shooter of Punjabi Industry, Jayy Randhawa is back with yet another interesting Punjabi movie. Directed by Maneesh Bhatt, ‘Chobbar’ is set to be released worldwide in theatres on 11 November, 2022. We have finally got our first look into the trailer of the movie and hands down, it looks stunning!

The movie is all packed with over-the-top action and will probably keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. Jayy Randhawa plays the role of a ruthless biker. Besides being a biker, he is also an equally aggressive fighter who loves blowing away the heads of his enemies.

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The story of the movie has been described in the trailer using a story. It seems to be revolving around a girl, who has something that interests a few people. However, the people even push her to death for their greed, only to later realize that they were running behind fake gold. But that’s not everything about the story. It is just an insight, the real story still remains untold and will be told in the theatres on 11 November.

The star of the show is undoubtedly Jayy Randhawa. Be it his look, the coldness in his eyes, the aggression in his biking, everything about him makes you want to watch this movie first hand. Jayy Randhawa has given us a brilliant acting piece in the form of his role of Sucha in Shooter, this time too, it looks like he isn’t going to disappoint us.

Overall, this movie is going to be an amazing ride for action lovers. It has got suspense, action, blood, violence, thrill and most importantly an intriguing story. We are really looking forward to what Jayy Randhawa, Maneesh Bhatt and their team has put forward this time.

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