Chris Gayle Transforms To A Turban-wearing Punjabi For Video Shoot Of His Upcoming Song

Chris Gayle, The Universe Boss, is going to take a Punjabi makeover for his upcoming music video shoot. The shoot has been scheduled to take place tomorrow. The cricketer uploaded a bunch of stories on his Instagram account announcing the video shoot scheduled for tomorrow. He is engrossed in the turban and outfit trials for the song shoot. 

Chris Gayle has always had connections with Punjab and Punjabi culture. He even represents the cricket franchise ‘Punjab Kings’ in the Indian Premier League. The athlete will be seen wearing a turban and complete Punjabi outfit in his upcoming song.

Punjabi photographer Taranjot Singh Sidhu uploaded a post on his Instagram that gives a peek to Chris’ avatar in the upcoming song

The title of the song is probably ‘Punjabi Daddy’, as the sportsperson has mentioned the term in a couple of his stories. The official song will be released through Triple Century Records. The label is the hub for all the Universe Boss songs and the next one is coming through it too. 

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Chris Gayle’s last song ‘Oh Mama’ came out almost 2 weeks ago on Mother’s day. And now he is all set for his upcoming song. Seeing Chris in a turban will be a treat to the audience’s eyes and we are already too excited about it. 

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