Cinemas In Punjab Are Now Opened At Their Full Capacity, Announces CM Channi

Cinemas In Punjab Are Now Opened At Their Full Capacity, Announces CM Channi

A breath of fresh air for the Punjabi film industry, audience and the cinemas, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channi, has announced that cinemas in Punjab will now be opened at their full capacity. 

Many artists from the Punjabi industry had a personal meetup with the CM to talk about the prevailing situation of the Punjabi film industry. The result of the meeting was the announcement we all had been wanting for so long. Amberdeep Singh, top Punjabi writer, director and actor uploaded an Instagram story with the CM of Punjab and shared the announcement with the audience.

Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, theatres had been shut down for almost a year in Punjab. Small relaxations were given but none of them were enough for the production houses to release their movies. Finally, it was after the second wave of coronavirus settled down that theatres in Punjab were finally opened at 50% capacity.

This meant that the audience were required to follow social distancing and skip one seat between two people in the theatre. While many movies saw it as an opportunity to make their release, many held back viewing 50% of the audience as a loss of business for the movie. But now, Punjab CM has made the most awaited announcement.

The opening of theatres at their full capacity would also mean that more movies will be coming in the future. The makers who feared loss of business, have no reasons to worry now. It seems like the global pandemic of Coronavirus which brought the world to a standstill, is now finally settling down. We just hope that the world stays completely normal and there isn’t another variant of it waiting to blow up.

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