CM Capt. Amrinder Singh Talks To Vansh, Viral & Cute Seller Of Ludhiana

You might have come across the video of Vansh Singh, the cute little boy, selling socks on the streets of Ludhiana. In the video, the little boy working hard to earn livelihood rejects 50 rupees because he didn’t earn them.

Ladi Kangarh bought a pair of socks costing 100 rupees from the little seller. He provided him with 150 rupees as the payment. The little boy did something that will win your heart, he rejected the extra 50 rupees.

Such a gesture was sure to earn respect and so it did. Recently, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amrinder Singh had a chat with Vansh Singh and his family through a video call.

The CM announced an Rs. 2 lakh financial help by the government to his family and complete support to the child’s education. It is a positive gesture to extend financial and educational support to Vansh’s family on the part of the state government.

Though the Punjab government has done a commendable job, the job is not done yet. There are millions of children roaming on the streets of the state, and the country, who are being denied their very right to education.

The government tries to solve their problems using various policies and we always hope these children get an opportunity to make their and their family’s lives better. 

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