CM Channi’s Marriage With His Wife Was Forced! Read To Know The Whole Story Behind It

Chief Minister of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channi’s popularity has surpassed the most popular celebrity’s popularity in Punjab today. Since the day he came into power, the man has been making headlines, ruling over social media and has become a youth icon. Recently, the CM revealed a surprising yet interesting story connected to his personal life and believe us, you’ll be left stunned.

Charanjit Singh Channi revealed that his marriage wasn’t approved by everyone! He and his wife, Dr. Kamaljit Kaur, used to study in the same college, and started liking each other. Charanjit Channi’s family had no issues with him marrying Dr. Kamaljit but it was her father who did not approve it. Dr. Kamaljit’s father said that his daughter was a Doctor and will only marry into the same profession, which, unfortunately, the present CM did not belong to! 

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The Bollywood-like real tale took another turn when then-common man Channi decided to himself walk up to his to-be wife’s home and talk to his father. When he went to their house, Dr. Kamaljit’s father asked him to get out of the house! “How dare you enter our house”, he said. After some time, he himself walked out of the room and only Channi & Dr. Kamaljit’s mother were left inside. Channi tried to convince her mother but all in vain.

At the end, Charanjit Singh Channi forcibly got married to Dr. Kamaljit Kaur, against the wish of her father! However, the relations between both the families are very healthy now. It is beautiful how time takes its toll and has things decided for us that we can never imagine. Dr. Kamaljit’s father did not approve of Channi because he wasn’t into a good profession, and here we are, he’s the Chief Minister of Punjab today.

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