CM Mann Planning Big Film City As Bridge Between Pollywood & Bollywood

On Sunday, Punjab’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann stated that the Punjab government is considering establishing a film city in the state. Mann made the remarks during his two-day visit to Mumbai, where he met with industry leaders to discuss investment opportunities in the state. 

“Mann will meet with prominent business tycoons to make strategic alliances in important fields.” During his visit to Mumbai, the chief minister will also invite the captains of industry to the Invest Punjab Summit, which will be held in Mohali next month.

Mann reaffirmed his government’s firm commitment to developing the state as an industrial center shortly after he arrived in Mumbai. Punjab’s state government is already exerting considerable effort to advance industrial development. 

Mann tried to entice Bollywood by offering to build a film city in Punjab. This comes just a few weeks after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath met with prominent film industry members in Mumbai.

Mann stated, “I have come to Mumbai after many years.” “When I worked on television shows, I connected closely with Mumbai.” We intend to establish a significant film city in Punjab. In light of that, I will also encourage major production houses to set up their studios in Punjab. The Punjabi film industry, or Pollywood, is also a significant business. Jab We Met, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and nearly 80 percent of Bollywood films are based on Punjabi stories. Since filming in Punjab is also done there, why not set up studios and do post-production there? Mann stated that the government would also benefit from this.

“They can also get artists and co-artists there if they need them, as well as producers and directors.” Both Pollywood and Bollywood have successful businesses. So I want to bring them together. I will encourage them because I have friends who are directors, producers, and artists. As CM, this is my first visit to Mumbai. However, I have arrived as Bhagwant Mann rather than as a CM. “On February 22 and 23, we are holding an Invest Punjab Summit, and investors from all over the world will attend,” Mann continued. 

Mann expressed the hope that his visit would, on the one hand, accelerate the state’s industrial development and, on the other, open up new employment opportunities for youth.

Mann stated that he would personally present Punjab as a land of growth and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Mumbai.

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This is a big step by the chief minister, and the Pollywood industry eagerly anticipates it. This step would bridge the Pollywood-Bollywood gap and open up a room full of opportunities.

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