Kapil Shama’s Co-Star Tirthankar Rao Attemps To Suicide Due To Financial Crises

Covid has undoubtedly brought tough times for almost every field. From lockdowns to deaths, the situation has pretty much threatened us all. However, staying at home has brought stress to so many individuals. People are getting stuck in the web of their own thoughts; and eventually trying to end their lives.

Not only normal people, but the list of celebrities attempting suicide is also long enough. Firstly, Sushant Singh Rajput, then Preksha Mehta, and after that Asif Basra left to heavenly abode by ending their lives themselves. You will be shocked to know that actor Tirthanand Rao, who used to work in ‘Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe’ back in 2016 also tried to attempt suicuide on December 27 by consuming poison. The reason behind suicide attempt is his financial crisis due to pandemic.

Luckily, his neighbours took him to hospital instantly; and the actor recovered in 4 days. Expressing his feelings in an interview Tirthanand Rao said, “Yes, I consumed poison. I am facing financial problems and my family has also left me. When I was admitted to the hospital, my mother and brother did not even reach to see me. We live in the same complex, but family members do not even talk to me. Even after coming from the hospital, I am staying alone at home. What could be worse than this?”

On the work front, Tirthanand Rao said that he will ask Kapil for work once he’s recovered properly. 

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