Company Uses Sargun Mehta & Ravi Dubey’s Picture For Self-promotion, Actress Says No Permission Was Taken

Actor-couple Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey recently became victims of Public criticism owing to a promotional advertisement by a company. 

A Twitter user named Sameer Chaudhary noticed an advertisement showing Ravi Dubey and wife Sargun Mehta’s “Before-After” pictures being used for the promotion of a ‘3 Patti Vungo’ Cards-game mobile app. Criticizing the actor-couple, Sameer tweeted :

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey both were subjected to heavy criticism for this. They were even blamed for promoting ‘these types of games. But Sargun was quick with her reply. Denying any relation to the ad, the actress tweeted that the company has used their image without their permission. And that the legal process against the company has been started. 

Sargun Mehta tweeted :

The actor-couple has said that they are already in the process of sending a legal notice to the company. There have been no reactions by the company as to why they used the couple’s picture if they did not consult them. 

Sargun Mehta has received applause and positive comments from her fans for the action. She’s been praised for not standing with ‘such games’ and taking a clear stand for herself and her husband. 

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