Contrast To 2017 Report, Punjab Tops In NAS-2021 Survey, Outshine Delhi’s Shools

National Achievement Survey (NAS) is a nationally representative large-scale survey of students’ learning undertaken by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. NAS gives a system level reflection on effectiveness of school education. Findings help compare the performance across spectrum and across population in order to find the desirable direction for improvements.

The NAS survey has brought a good news for Punjab. From scoring ‘below national average’ in 11 of 15 subjects in 2017 to being the national topper in 11 subjects four years later, Punjab has made an exemplary transformation in the school level education, as per the results of the National Achievement Survey (NAS)-2021, released by the Union Ministry of Education. While class 3 and 5 children were tested in language (Punjabi), mathematics and environmental studies (EVS), the class 8 students were tested in science too. Class 10 students were tested in English, Mathematics, science, social science and Modern India Language (MIL), which in case of Punjab was Punjabi.

As per NAS-2021, Punjab has scored highest in all subjects for classes 3, 5 and 8. For class 10, it has scored the highest in maths, second highest in science, social science and MIL and third highest in English. It scored more than the national average in all categories and emerged as the topper in 11 of 15 subjects in which students of these four classes were assessed. This is in a clear contrast with NAS-2017 report which placed Punjab among the worst performing states. That time Punjab scored below national average in all three subjects for class 3 and 5 and in three out of four subjects for class 8. For class 10, it had scored below national average in two subjects out of five.

Now the NAS-2021 survey report has turned out to be a proud moment for Punjab. Pardeep Aggarwal, director general of school education (DGSE), Punjab said that the credit for state’s success goes to former state education secretary Krishan Kumar. “It is only due to his push and motivation that the department worked hard to prepare students. Preparations started well in advance. Government schools have performed better than private schools and our results are speaking for us.”

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