Convict Review: Simar Gill Vocals Shine In This New Gangster Vibe Track

Punjabi singer Simar Gill has recently released his latest song called Convict. The name of the project really is attractive and is among the many reasons why fans are loving it so much.

The song recently dropped on YouTube and grabbed the attention of Punjabi music lovers. The song has crossed more than 1 lakh views within a few days of its release. If you are someone who really enjoys grooving on upbeat Punjabi songs, Simar Gill’s Convict will impress you. In this article, we have reviewed the song in detail from its audio to its lyrics and video too.

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Starting with the overall vibe of the song, for us, Convict felt like a banger gangster song. Though its lyrics aren’t all about shooting, guns and violence, the overall vibe of the song is like one. We can call Convict a great flex and gangsta song which can uplift the overall vibe when you plan to chill with your gang.

What attracted us the most in this song is undoubtedly the vocals of Simar Gill. The singer based in Melbourne, Australia has given Punjabi Industry superhit songs like Roti, Experience and more in past as well. And we believe Convict is going to be added to the list of his most amazing songs.

Apart from Gill’s vocals, we also can’t resist appreciating the on-point lyrics of the song. And to your surprise, this department of the song was also handled by Simar Gill himself. Yes, the man has penned the lyrics, composed them and then also voiced them.

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The music also needs to be praised as it made sure the song doesn’t lose its vibe at any point. From the beginning to the point where it ends, every beat was perfect and the music added a lot more charm to this track. For this, Beats By Sengh needs to be credited who has actually done a great job. 

Now heading towards the official music video of Convict, it features Fatema opposite Simar Gill. Her moves and classy looks were also an addition to make the song’s video a great watch. We also liked the shooting locations and some sequences like the chasing one as the best. And once again, Simar Gill himself is the man behind directing and editing the song’s official video. 

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If this review of Convict song by Simar Gill has impressed you, you should listen to the song now, and add the same to your Gedi-route playlist. After all, as we said, it is a perfect song to flex and flaunt your attitude. 

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