Corruption Case Against IPS Amit Lodha Of Khakee Series!

IPS Amit Lodha, who earned enormous fame after the premiere of the Netflix series “Khakee: The Bihar Chapter,” is now in legal trouble! Reportedly, he has been charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act of 1988 and other IPC sections. As per the complaint, IPS Lodha misused his power and position for personal gains! Allegedly, he made an agreement with the production company at ₹1, however, as per the police, there was a transaction of ₹49 Lakh in his wife’s bank account. 

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The book “Bihar Diaries: The True Story of How Bihar’s Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught” by Amit Lodha is the source material for the series Khakee. It is claimed that Lodha is neither an author and that he was not even allowed to write any book for commercial purposes. Moreover, he has now been booked for violating several provisions of the Prevention of Corruption act.

Furthermore, the complaint states, “A large amount of Money was regularly sent from Friday Story Teller’s account to Koumudi Lodha, wife of IPS Amit Lodha. The date of the agreements signed and the side flow of money into Koumudi Lodha’s account reveal Amit Lodha’s hidden agenda to cover up his illegally acquired wealth. Surprisingly, the complaint claims that he used his book for the production of the series “Khakee” to convert black money into white! 

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“Amit Lodha, a civil servant, has illegally engaged in private/commercial activities with production companies, etc. and has earned INR 4,962,372 to date in corrupt and illegal ways which cannot be [a] justified as a civil servant. The other acquired assets may be unearthed during the further probe, scrutiny of other government records (available in public domain) indicates that the defendant acquired a vast amount of movable/immovable property,” says the FIR. 

Notably, IPS Amit Lodha is also accused of signing contracts with Friday Story Teller as well as Netflix despite being a government official. As per the Special Vigilance Unit) of Bihar Police, IPS Lodha is booked under sections 13(1), (b) read with section 13 (2) read with section 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (as amended in 2018) and sections 120 (b) and 168 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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