Court Extends Raj Kundra’s Imprisonment Till 20 August After Bail Hearing

Court Extends Raj Kundra’s Imprisonment Till 20 August After Bail Hearing

The troubles for businessman Raj Kundra seem to get bigger and tougher. It has been almost a month since Raj Kundra was taken in Police custody for alleged involvement in creation and streaming of Pornographic content through various servers and apps. On 19 July, he was taken into Police custody and the 14-day extended custody ended on Tuesday. 

The businessman might have expected to finally get rid of the imprisonment but the court extended it till 20 August. The crime branch presented 19 reasons to the court for not granting bail to Raj Kundra in the Pornography case. 

Opposing Raj Kundra’s plea for bail, the crime branch said that the businessman was not cooperating with the agency at all. They also added that there was still a lot more investigation to be done and evidence to be discovered. It also alleged that as more and more victims and witnesses were coming out against Raj Kundra, the bail should not be granted.

The crime brand also alleged that since Raj is an influential and powerful person, if granted bail, he might tamper with evidence. He had already been accused of tampering evidence and erasing it prior to his arrest and the crime branch said that similar things could happen again.

Raj is a British-citizen so according to the crime branch, chances are high that he might flee from the country to the UK to escape. It further said that Raj Kundra was controlling an app called ‘HotShots’, through a London-registered company Kenrin Limited, which belongs to his brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi. The crime branch said that Bakshi is also a wanted man in the case and if Raj is granted bail, he might influence Bakshi.

Considering all the points, the court decided to extend Raj Kundra’s imprisonment to 20 August. In defence of Raj, the lawyer has demanded more time for replying to all the points made by the crime branch. 

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