Covid Cases Again Surge In Delhi, Kejriwal Govt To Issue Covid-19 Guidelines For Schools Today

After the decline in the Covid cases, the guidelines and even mask rule have been lifted, but since a few weeks, once again a slight peak in the Covid-19 cases has been registered in the national capital. Amid concerns over this, the Delhi government will issue Covid-19 guidelines for schools. 

“Covid cases have slightly increased but there is no rise in hospitalisation, so we need not worry. There is no need to panic but stay alert. Since Covid is there, we have to learn to live with it. We are constantly monitoring the situation. A general guideline to be introduced for schools tomorrow”, said deputy CM Manish Sisodia to ANI.

Dy CM Sisodia’s remarks came after a teacher and a student of a private school in South Delhi were found Covid-19 positive. As soon as they were found positive, the other students who were in the same class, were sent home.

The schools started to function fully offline from April 1 for the first time since after the Covid crisis after all Covid related restrictions were lifted earlier on February 28 due to low positivity rate.

When questioned about the fees hike in schools, Dy CM Sisodia said that the government has not allowed the Delhi schools to increase their fees since 2015, the private schools have been allowed to raise their fees only to 2 to 3 percent.

Talking about the new XE variant of Covid, The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently tracking the XE mutation as part of the Omicron variant. Its symptoms can include fever, sore throat, scratchy throat, cough and cold, skin irritation and discoloration, gastrointestinal distress, and a dry cough.
XE is a combination of two most prevalent Omicron variants, BA.1 and BA.2, which makes it even more infectious than Omicron. This means that the variant will spread faster than previous Omicron strains and infect more people than before. Though its severity is less as compared to the delta variant.

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