Cuttputlli Movie Review: A Strong & Suspenseful Psychological Thriller

StarcastAkshay Kumar, Rakulpreet, Sargun Mehta, Chandrachur Singh, Gurpreet Ghuggi
DirectorRanjit M Tewari
Kiddaan Rating

Akshay Kumar doesn’t seem to stop despite having a poor 2022 in terms of the performances of his movies. He has come up with a psychological thriller Cuttputlli. Read our Cuttputlli Movie Review to know what Akshay has to offer to fans with his new release.

Akshay teamed up with Rakulpreet Singh and Sargun Mehta to deliver this psychological thriller. Helmed by Ranjit M Tewari, Cuttputlli was released on Disney+ Hotstar on September 2nd. If you are planning to binge watch Akshay’s new OTT release, do read our Cuttputlli movie review to get a quick and spoiler-free insight about the movie.

Story & Screenplay

Beginning our Cuttputlli movie review with the story of the movie which is indeed one of the finest in the history of Indian psychological thriller movies. The story revolves around the brutal murders of school girls in Kasauli. Arjan Sethi played by Akshay Kumar has joined Himachal Police after giving up his dreams of becoming a physiological thriller filmmaker. In order to catch the psycho killer, police arrest multiple suspects and thus, the drama builts. What is the motive of the killer? Who is the killer? And most importantly, will Akshay succeed in catching the mysterious killer? This is what ‘Cuttputlli’ is all about.

Talking about the screenplay, the makers have done a brilliant job in building the events to build up whole drama and suspense. However, we think Cuttputlli would have been a better project if made in a dark genre. But it still is definitely a powerful psychology thriller and perhaps the best in Bollywood history.

Acting & Performance

Now Moving on the performances in our Cuttputlli movie review. Beginning with the lead actor Akshay Kumar as Arjan Sethi, this is undoubtedly the best performance of Akshay in recent years. This is a kind of performance that Akshay’s fans actually deserve. He kept things simple this time and that’s what made the difference in his performance in this movie as compared to movies released earlier this year.

Talking about the ladies of the movie then we must say they had done a pretty decent job in portraying short but significant roles. Rakulpreet as Divya, a school teacher was a delight to watch on screens.

Punjabi actress, Sargun Mehta has made her bollywood debut with Cuttputlli. And what a debut!! Sargun completely nailed her role of a strict and ambitious SHO Gudia Parmar. The way she scolded Akshay in a scene, she announced her arrival in Bollywood.

This is one of the movies, where supporting actors were also as impactful as the lead actors. Chandrachur Singh, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Hrishita Bhatt and the killer especially (don’t worry we won’t spoil) were also outstanding.

Direction & Cinematography

Cuttputlli is an official hindi remake of 2018’s superhit tamil psychological thriller ‘Ratsasan’, and matching the level of a superhit movie in the remake is a major challenge for the makers. Director Ranjit M Tewari has worked so hard to match the level of Ratsasan and he actually did a splendid job. Even at some points, Cuttputlli was actually better than the original. Ranjit has also managed the cast well.

Cinematography of the movie deserves appreciation too. The dead-body scenes were actually terrifying and were shot brilliantly. However, there were some scenes that could have been more impactful if shot in the dark cinematography genre.

Music And Songs

Cuttputlli is not a movie that will be remembered for its songs but its story, However, it consists of some average songs like Rabba & Sathiya, which are not so groovy. Meanwhile, the movie’s background score was outstanding. The intense BGM complements the story brilliantly and makes the scenes more dramatic and suspenseful.

Comparison with Ratsasan

The major question that rises with the release of Cuttputlli, ‘is Cuttputlli better than Ratsasan?”  Here, we have come up with the answer.

Cuttputlli tries hard to match the level of the original ‘Ratsasan’. It even matches and overshadows the original sometimes but a inch-by-inch copied storyline is actually a disappointing thing. In comparing both, we have noticed that Ratsasan has a decent pace throughout whereas Cuttputlli seems to hurry the pace in the middle. Ratsasan was a more intense film and had a better climax scene. Whereas, Cuttputlli failed at making the climax more intense. The killer introduction is also a point where Ratsasan is ahead of Cuttputlli. Meanwhile, Cuttputlli has overshadowed the original in better BGM, performances and especially at the dead-body scenes.


Concluding our Cuttputlli Movie Review with an applause and a note for bollywood that, this is the remake that audiences will never complain about. Team Kiddaan rates Akshay Kumar’s Cuttputlli 4 stars out of 5 for serving us a good movie that we actually want. 

This is indeed Akshay’s best movie of the year so far and he literally missed the trick by not releasing it in theatres. However if you are a fan of Akshay, Rakul or Sargun or you love psychological thrillers, Akshay has brought Cuttputlli for you on Disney+ Hostar, tune in and watch…

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