Daddy Cool Munde Fool Turns 8 Today And The Movie Remains A Must Watch Even Today

It won’t surprise us if you tell us that Punjabi superhit movie Daddy Cool Munde Fool is your most favourite one. This movie has earned more love and success than its box office collection. And today is a special day for all the Daddy Cool Munde Fool fans, because today is the day when it was released 8 years back. Yes the movie has turned a year older and today we are celebrating its 8th anniversary.  

We know we don’t need to explain why this movie tops the favourites’ list of every fan of Punjabi cinema, but we thought we can still help the people who have missed this entertainer. Here are the top 5 reasons to watch Daddy Cool Munde Fool at least once in a lifetime. 

Evergreen comedy

Daddy Cool Munde Fool, just like its name is an outstanding dose of multiple laughters. We bet you can watch this movie once and still want to watch it again. 

In short, this is the type of movie which you watch repeatedly with new people and look at your friend’s face to catch their expression exactly at your favourite part/punch of the movie. 

PS: Yes it hurts when their reaction is below our expectation. 

Amrinder-Harish chemistry

Yes this is the project which portrays Amrinder Gill and Harish Verma as siblings, and we’re sure their chemistry and bond will make you laugh at and love them.  Also their chemistry with their leady ladies Yuvika Chaudhary and Ihana Dhillon is impressive. 

Show stealer Jaswinder Bhalla

No doubt the movie is filled with a super talented cast, but Jaswinder Bhalla somehow manages to stand out every time. Be it his comic timing, dialogue delivery, expressions, or just the natural innocence on his face, he is the ultimate show stealer of Daddy Cool Munde Fool. You need to watch this movie to experience one of his finest performances. 

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Love stories

No we aren’t only talking about the romance between the leads of the movie, because they are not the only love stories in the movie. Because the interest begins when the father; Mr. Bhalla wishes to marry with a widow who is lover in college days, but also happens to be the mother of two sisters who are loved by the two sons of Mr. Bhalla. 

Upcoming sequel

Yes! The superhit movie is ready to entertain you guys once again with its upcoming sequel; Daddy Cool Munde Fool 2. It will feature Jassie Gill and Ranjit Bawa as the lead roles and of course the man of the league Jaswinder Bhalla as well. 

But if you’re planning to watch this one, you need to watch its prequel i.e. its part one Daddy Cool Munde Fool first. 

This list could have been never-ending because everything about this movie deserves appreciation. We have outlined the beauty of this movie for you, but we must say there is nothing better than experiencing on your own. We advise you to watch this entertainer this coming weekend with your family.

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