Daughter Celebrates Mother’s Re-Marriage, Twitterati Lauded Her

Love has no boundaries and age is never an issue, but when it comes to women getting married again, there’s always some uneasiness. Regardless, a heartwarming thread has been going viral where a girl has shared some pictures of her mother who is getting married again.

A Twitter user Alphaw1fe recently shared a picture of mother, which created a lot of buzz among the social media. While sharing a picture, she revealed that her mother is getting married 15 years after coming out of a toxic relationship. She shared the picture from her Mehendi ceremony. She says it was difficult to believe that her mother is finally getting married. 


Twitter user Alphaw1fe also revealed that she and her mother have to face a lot when her father abandons them.


While she shares the picture of her mother exchanging rings, her joy literally knew no edges. 


After this, people start pounding Twitter with congratulatory messages and encouraging the girl as she is doing the right thing for her mother. They joined the bandwagon sending best wishes to the new couple. Take a look at the beautiful tweets.


People started tweeting and debating on normalizing the divorce and not judging people. As of now she and her mother’s has started a new journey, so team Kiddaan wishes her good luck for breaking all the stereotypes. 

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