Death of the Legendary Actor Satish Kaushik: Heart Attack Or A Murder Mystery?

The sudden death of veteran actor Satish Kaushik earlier this week shocked the Bollywood film industry. Anupam Kher, an actor who was also one of his closest friends, confirmed that Kaushik had passed away.

Although Satish Kaushik’s death was ruled to have been caused by a heart attack, a new twist in the investigation has led some to believe that he may have been murdered. A previous statement from the Delhi Police claiming that Kaushik died of natural causes is now being challenged.

Satish Kaushik attended a party at Vikas Malu’s farmhouse just before he passed away. Sanvi Malu claimed in a letter to the Delhi Police following Kaushik’s death that Anas Ibrahim, the son of underworld don and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, was also at one party.

Sanvi Malu alleged that Vikas, her husband, had invested Rs 15 crore in Satish Kaushik’s Dubai business as an investment. She asserted that Satish’s alleged demand for his money back prompted Vikas Malu to kill him.

She affirmed that Kaushik was killed by using certain pills which her significant other had organized. In addition, the farmhouse in Delhi, where Kaushik was rumored to have been partying just before his death, had also yielded “medicines” by the Delhi Police.

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After Saanvi Malu claimed that her husband, businessman, and Kuber Group Director Vikas Malu “was planning to get rid” of the deceased actor, the Delhi Police announced on Sunday that it would record her statement.

Saanvi Malu also said that Kaushik had loaned her husband Rs 15 crore, which he didn’t want to return. However, a day sooner, the police had denied any treachery in the entertainer’s demise.

The post-mortem report by Satish Kaushik stated that cardiac arrest was the initial cause of death, that coronary artery blockage was associated with coronary artery disease, and that the manner of demise appeared to be natural.

Saanvi Malu asserted that her husband had introduced her to Kaushik, and she added that the actor visited them in Dubai on August 23, 2022, and demanded Rs 15 crore back from her husband.

“When Kaushik and my husband fought in the living room, I was there… My husband promised Satish Kaushik that he would repay the money soon.” When I inquired, my husband asserted that he had misplaced Kaushik’s funds due to the Covid pandemic. She stated in her complaint, “My husband also said that he was planning to get rid of Kaushik.”

In the meantime, Vikas Malu, a businessman and director of the Kuber Group claimed that he had nothing to do with Satish Kaushik’s death and was not involved in any business with him.

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“I can do nothing about it if she (Saanvi Malu) wants to do some hype in front of the media.” I’m prepared to face anything if I’m wrong, and the government and police are present. The news agency ANI reported that Kuber Group Director Vikas Malu stated, “Her allegations are false, or else she should show proof.”

“I had no business relationship with Satish Kaushik and only had family ties with him. “However, Vikas Malu stated on Sunday, “And those who are making these claims must prove it.”

“In actor Satish Kaushik’s death case, an inquiry has been initiated into allegations of foul play leveled by a woman (wife of Vikas Malu).” It has been requested that an inspector-level officer from the South West district investigate the situation.

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