Deep Sidhu Shared An Emotional Video. Said I’m Hurt

Punjabi Actor Deep Sidhu who is currently in news as farmer leaders blamed him for the violence at Red Fort on Republic Day. He said that he had been fighting for the rights of farmers for months, but it took them one day to call him a ‘Gaddaar’. 

“If everybody would have supported the Nishan Sahib and Farmers flag which was raised at Red Fort, the moment would have become more beautiful. But they said Deep Sidhu influenced 5 lakh people who entered Red Fort on his command”, said the actor.

Deep Sidhu also said that it doesn’t bother him what the government and authorities are saying about him but he is hurt and disappointed by what his people (farmers) are blaming him for. He claimed the labourers from Bihar who work on our fields are better as they allowed him to stay with them. 

Kisaan Leaders Blamed Deep Sidhu For The Incident At Red Fort

He became even more emotional talking about his condition and family. He said he is not getting proper food and living on a fruit diet and carrying his essentials with him. His voice shaked when he talked about his father and how people are bashing him. 

‘My soul is disappointed with you.’ 

He couldn’t control his tears as he said, ‘I put my heart and soul while supporting Sunny Deol for 20 days, but I never appealed for any vote for BJP. But now people are blaming me to be a member of BJP, RSS and much more.’

Later he appealed to the people from UP, Punjab and Haryana to stay together and be a part of the protest.

Emotional Deep Sidhu also said the almighty will never forgive those people who did this to him. And he is neither afraid to go to the jail nor of the police, as he believes one day the truth will come out.

Though Deep has turned the comments section of the video off, the video is reaching to masses and raising questions like who actually is right and what is the true story behind everything that happened.

The truth shall prevail.

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