Desi Mom Video Went Viral Says 35K Gucci Belt Looks Like School Belt

The ones who are obsessed with luxury items will tell you how great it is to own something branded and expensive. Be it Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Dior, all these brands have solidified a standard of their own, and customers are willing to pay those heavy prices for the prestigious products that they get in return.

But your desi mom will never accept your luxury items and will never value your products. The same video went viral online where you see how a user’s mother is shocked to find that her daughter’s Gucci belt costs Rs 35,000. She further characterised that the belt looks like a DPS belt (the girls’ school). And she could have bought it for Rs 150. 

The mother correlating this extravagance product with an ordinary school belt has received a lot of laughs since there is, unfortunately, a certain level of similarity between the two. 

The video has been uploaded on a page on Instagram called @yourregularmom, that is accessed by a mother-daughter duo, Anita and Chabi Gupta respectively.

As Chabi tells her mother the cost of the belt, she is stunned and even calls in her brother to show her disappointment. She is then seen laughing with her children about how the belt looks like a school belt. 

Check out the full video here:

We bet if you bought such an expensive thing, your mother would have contradicted you for sure. Netizens find mother’s reaction relatable and hilarious.

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