Dev Kharoud Starts Dubbing For His Upcoming Punjabi Movie ‘Shareek 2’

Dev Kharoud Starts Dubbing For His Upcoming Punjabi Movie ‘Shareek 2’

Shareek 2, the sequel to 2015 superhit Punjabi movie Shareek, might be very close to its release now. Dev Kharoud will be starring along with Jimmy Shergill in Shareek 2 and the good news is, Dev Kharoud has started dubbing for the upcoming blockbuster. 

On Thursday, Dev Kharoud initiated the dubbing process. Speculations are that the process will be complete by Monday. Shareek 2 has been highly awaited since its announcement. Shareek was a fan favourite and a blockbuster, the audience couldn’t hold back their emotions when Shareek 2 got announced.

It was initially set to release on 24 July, 2020. But the global pandemic of coronavirus affected the whole industry and postponed the release of Shareek 2. Then Shareek 2 was scheduled to release in the year 2021, but the dates were never clear. 

Now, with the dubbing in process, we can expect the release to be very near. The audience is very excited to see Jimmy Shergill and Dev Kharoud together on the big screen. 

Now, even the theatres have been opened and the restrictions due to coronavirus have loosened up. The industry has already started announcing upcoming titles. Amberdeep had recently announced 3 big titles on their way. Now all we want is Shareek 2 makers to make the official release date public as soon as possible. 

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