Dharmendra Shows Support For The Farmers Protest

The very popular superstar and veteran actor Dharmendra Deol has finally released his statement regarding the Farmers Protest. Recently he updated a tweet on his official Twitter account and wrote that he is in extreme pain to see the condition of the farmers.

‘I am extremely in pain to see the suffering of my farmer brothers. Government should do something fast’

In response he had to experience multiple comments from the netizens as many of them commented on his previous to it which is now deleted and many talked about his son Sunny Deol, MP Gurdaspur, who is a member of BJP.

A few days back, Dharmendra had tweeted for the support of the farmers, in which he wrote, Sarkar se prarthna hai kisaan bhaiyon ki problems ka koi hall jaldi tlaash kar leen Corona ke cases Delhi mein badhte jaa rahe hai’

But this tweet was deleted immediately after people started commenting on it.

But it is good to see the actor come in the support of the farmers once again as he too belongs basically from a Punjabi Family.

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