Did Byg Byrd Comment On Sidhu Moosewala Or AP Dhillon Or Sikander Kahlon?

If you keep a track of the latest controversies in Punjabi Music Industry and are active on Twitter then you must be aware of Byg Byrd’s latest tweet. If not, let us start the story from there only.

Byg Byrd tweeted a confusing tweet which we think is either a reply to AP Dhillon or Sikander Kahlon.

His tweet says,

Our 1 song > Your whole album


Assumption are this tweet could be targeting Sikander Kahlon as one of his songs, he stated that even the number of his albums is more than the songs they’ve released. And this might be the reason why Bygbyrd has dropped a reply for him saying his one song is better than his whole album.

Another guess is that it could be targeting AP Dhillon as they launched ‘Brown Munde’ Merchandise which is pretty similar to ‘Brown Boyz’ Merchandise which Byg Byrd co-owns. Also AP Dhillon did a single with Sidhu Moosewala and who is not aware of the ugly fight between Moosewala and BygByrd?

Sidhu Moosewala VS Byg Bird & Sunny Malton. Fight turns Ugly!

Though Bygbyrd has not mentioned anything else or named somebody personally, what do you think he could be talking about? Is it AP Dhillon, Sikander Kahlon or Sidhu Moosewala?

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