Did Parmish Verma Actually Reply To Garry Sandhu‘s Comment?

Actor and Singer Parmish Verma, Never really Indulges himself into controversies but apparently this time he did take a stand for himself. 

Garry Sandhu Took to Instagram to announce the release of his upcoming song Ishq, to which a fan mocked in his comments section advising him to not stop singing and making a cruel statement saying “jidda di vi awaaz nikaldi assi sunn leya krne aa gaane”.

Offended by the comment Garry replied by taking names of the singers such as Parmish Verma, Gagan kokri, Neetu and Harman cheema and saying that he sings better than them and had kept this in his heart for a long time.

Parmish Verma later uploaded a story on Instagram saying “when you see a lonely abandoned dog barking at you, Look at him with pity not hate. Be grateful for God who could have put you in those shoes” which might have been a response to this controversy.

Garry Sandhu’s Comment and Parmish Verma’s story have left fans wondering if Parmish Replied to Garry’s comment. Though Parmish deleted the story, but like always social media is buzzing with this new controversy.

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