Did You Know ‘Aashiqui 2’ Is A Remake Of ‘A Star Is Born’ (1976)

Did You Know ‘Aashiqui 2’ Is A Remake Of ‘A Star Is Born’ (1976)

Bollywood has proven many times that it has the ability to copy classic Hollywood films. But with every remake comes the question: “Who did it better?” But today, we would not be giving any review but want to inform you that Mohit Suri’s hit number Aashiqui 2 is one of the remakes of the Hollywood classic “A Star Is Born” (1937) and “A Star Is Born” (2018).

Just gazing through the synopsis of the older versions of A Star Is Born will tell you that Aashiqui 2 lifted most of those film’s scenes. Each movie, although adjusted to the trends and dialogue that are iconic of that generation, tells essentially the same tragic boy-meets-girl story centered on fame, alcoholism, and ultimate self-destruction.

Oddly enough, the first “Aashiqui” film which is known more for its songs. Though it was not a remake of “A Star Is Born”, but was prefaced from the get go that it would be the first installment of some sort of love-story series. “Aashiqui 2” was then modeled after “A Star Is Born.”

‘A Star Is Born’ was released in 1937. It was remade in 1954and 1976 as well. Warner Bros Pictures made the 1954 and 1976 versions and they had plans to make another version of this classic story since 2011, two years before Aashiqui 2 was released.

Not only this, each of the remakes has been nominated for at least four Academy.

Moreover, Aashiqui 2 became a huge success and established Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor as commercial lead actors. Its music became a nationwide craze and still has tremendous recall value. 

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