Did You Know Harbhajan Mann Used To Travel In Private Aircrafts Even In His Struggling Days?

From ‘Jee Aayan Nu’ to ‘Dil Apna Punjabi’, ‘Asa Nu Maan Watna Da’, ‘Haani’ and a lot of iconic Punjabi movies in early 2000s, Harbhajan Mann gave a kick-start to modern Punjabi Cinema. He was the one to initiate the consistency of working in movies amid his contemporaries. Along with his movies, his songs have also remained in top-charts.

1965 born Indian Canadian Singer, Actor and Film producer: Harbhajan Mann is one of the living legends of Punjabi Entertainment Industry. The singer is very well known for his immense fame in Punjabi Folks and tracks like ‘Main Wari’, ‘Tin Rang’, ‘Maa’, ‘Jaago’ and the list keeps going on.

In an interview while talking about his childhood and early career years, he revealed that he used to fly in private aircraft even in the starting years of his singing career.

He said, “In Dublin, I made a complete band with musicians. Gursewak and I gradually got popular. We started doing several wedding shows throughout Canada, and sometimes even in California. And then, Gursewak got his flying licence, and we: a group of 5 used to go for shows, and gursewak flew and took us to show locations. Back then, Gursewak booked 6 seater aircraft, and we carried music instruments in that only.”

Harbhajan Mann throughout his singing and acting career, not only served Punjabi Audience with Music tracks and movies, but also sung many songs promoting Punjabi Culture and heritage, which is the primary responsibility of an Artist. His songs ‘Apna Khoon Paraya Hunda’, ‘Rooh Raazi’ and ‘Yadaan Reh Jaaniyaan’ are amongst a few of his songs which led to his enormous success.

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