Did You Know How Babbu Maan Got The Name ‘Babbu’?

The Punjabi super-star Babbu Maan made his debut in the Punjabi music industry in the year 1997 with the album, Sajjan Rumal De Geya. And for decades, only one name echoed all around the industry, Babbu Maan. Though he is known all around the world through this name, Babbu is not his actual name.

Babbu Maan’s real name is Tejinder Maan. And he got the name Babbu owing to a ritual in the villages of Punjab to keep a nickname of every kid in the village. Interestingly, he got the name Babbu prior to his real name Tejinder. Initially, it was decided that the newborn child will be named Bhupinder Singh. Babbu was a reduction of the word Bhupinder. Later, on the suggestion of a priest, the first letter of the name was decided and Babbu Maan got his real name Tejinder Maan. 

Babbu Maan’s die-hard fans know about his real name Tejinder Maan. But the story of how he got the name Babbu from the name Bhupinder is not known to many. Team kiddan always tries to knowledgify you by bringing such inside stories. 

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