Did You Know Ikky Singh Was Not Excited To Produce Gurnam Bhullar’s Biggest Hit ‘Diamond’?

Ikwinder Singh, famously known as Ikky Singh is a very talented musical artist and producer. He has a very unique skill set and his songs hit differently. He is famous for his art in blending music from different cultures and genres and making it his own sound.

Ikky has always worked with great artists and delivered some of his best work. In a podcast interview, when asked about Gurnam Bhullar and his super hit song ‘Diamond’, Ikky Singh had a rather interesting story to tell.
He shared that he barely knew Gurnam and he was brought into notice by Jass Records.

Jass Records introduced Gurnam Bhullar to Ikky and before that, Gurnam was a nobody to him. The first time Gurnam came to Ikky’s office, Ikky thought that he was Rajveer Jawanda and got surprised and then found the truth. Later, Jass Records sent Gurnam’s vocals for a song named Diamond to Ikky and asked him to complete the song within a day.

Unexcited for the song, Ikky managed to complete it within the given time but he still had doubts related to the success of the song because of the words like Sardarni and Gutt in the song. But soon realizing the effect of the song on the audience and how the song was loved by the audience, it totally changed Ikwinder’s mindset. The song is a huge hit till date and Gurnam sure did a great job.

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