Did You Know Prabh Gill Used To Sing The Chorus For Diljit Dosanjh?

The very talented singer Prabh Gill is popularly known as ‘King of romantic songs’. He is famous for his songs Love You Oye, Mere Kol, Teriyaan Deedan. His songs have the tendency to put you in a romantic mood instantly. 

While talking about the beginning of his career in an exclusive interview, he very proudly shared that he did a singing course under Diljit Dosanjh for six years and it was more like an educational part of his journey. 

Being modest that he is, he further added that during that time his designation might not have been very high and he was a course singer but whatever he learned during that time still helps him throughout his journey. 

Prabh never calls this journey as a part of the struggle but as a part of his learning, any wishes that this memory and experience stays with him lifelong. Reportedly it was because of Gill’s dad that he met Diljit and Diljit took him to all the shows.

He used to earn Rs.300 for a single show. For Prabh, it was a remarkable experience and it was more like a job for him for which he worked very hard and his pay increased from 300 to 700 and 700 to 1000 by the end. Prabh used this money to buy Ras malai and gifts for his family and we think that this is one of the sweetest gestures one can do. 

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