Did You Know Sweetaj Brar’s Ring Is Made From Her Father’s Chain

Did You Know Sweetaj Brar’s Ring Is Made From Her Father’s Chain

Losing a parent is the biggest loss or a tragedy of anyone’s life. No one can bear the loss of their parents and nothing can heal the pain of them. Just imagine the grief of a person who lost their parents either mother or father or both. Sweetaj Brar is one of those artists who lost her father Raj Brar at a very young age. 

Late Raj Brar’s daughter Sweetaj Brar is making headlines these days for her upcoming film, ‘Fikar Karo Na’. The singer has made her name in the industry with her hit tracks Khabbi Seat and End Combination. She is now on her way to success. 

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Unfortunately her father cannot be a part of her journey. But there’s one thing which she and her family always donned to feel themselves attached with the late artist.

 In one of the interviews, when Sweetaj was asked about the ring she always wears, the singer replies that the ring is made from her father’s chain which he had never taken off. In Fact during the cremation ceremony, the family forgot to take that off and it was slightly burned. So they decided to make three rings from that chain and added the same material which it has been made of. She said that her mother and her brother Josh also wear the same ring. It makes them feel blessed like they are with their father. She further added, now she is planning to carve her father’s date inside the ring.

The actor has been choosing the path of her father and made her name in Punjabi Music and Film Industry. Fans are excited to see the actor on the silver screen along with Yuvraj Hans and Sidhu Moosewala.

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