Did You Know The MP In Scottish Parliament Recites Sikh Prayer Before Oath?

Pam Gosal, an Indian-origin woman becomes the first Sikh woman who has been elected to the parliament of Scotland.

Pam was elected as a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) on a Conservative Party ticket from West Scotland. Before taking her oath Pam davened the Mool Mantar, a prayer from the Sikh scripture, the Gutka Sahib and sought the blessings. Later she took the oath to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

She shared her gratitude over Twitter and quoted “As the first female Sikh MSP I am humbled to have been able to read the Mool Mantar, a Sikh prayer before taking the oath as a Member of Scottish Parliament. I am excited to begin my journey as an MSP for @ScotTories and make my community proud.”

In another tweet, she thanked everyone who supported her and said she has been privileged to be the first Indian-origin female MSP elected to the Scottish parliament and she is all prepared to serve the people of the West of Scotland.

Gosal was born in Glasgow, Scotland and lived most of her life in the country. She joined politics in 2019 and contested the General election for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party as a parliamentary candidate for East Dunbartonshire. She has a BA in Consumer Law, MBA and currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D.

She is one of the first women of colour elected to the Scottish parliament, Kaukab Stewart is the other one.

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