Did You Know ‘Top Notch Gabru’ Vicky Shares Tight Bond With Karan Aujla

Did You Know ‘Top Notch Gabru’ Vicky Shares Tight Bond With Karan Aujla

If ‘Top Notch Gabru’ Vicky is today a household name in Punjab as well as overseas, punjabi lyricist turned singer Karan Aujla is the man who can be given the credit for it. 

While the former refrains and life struggles from talking to the media, Vicky unveiled the goals and efforts they achieve together.

Vicky revealed that wherever he stands today, it’s because of Karan Aujla. He benefited him like a family. During his struggle times, Karan never stays behind and continues to help him out when he is in problems. Karan met him in 2014, since then they share a tight bond. Both of them have a lot of fun and shoot together. 

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After Karan got success, Vicky thought that Karan will forget him but his intuitions went wrong and Karan stands with him every-time. He motivates him, appreciates him and guides him in the right direction. 

In fact he disclosed that their first collaboration for the song ‘Mind Games’ which is much appreciated by the audience was composed within 15 minutes. And this song and Karan has literally changed the game of Vicky’s life. After Mind Games, there’s no turning back in the singer’s life.

Vicky feels the most blessed person as he got a friend cum brother Karan Aujla, endorses him.

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