Did You Notice Harrdy Sandhu Connection In Spotify’s Latest Hilarious Ad?

Apart from being a celebrated singer, Harrdy Sandhu is also ruling the hearts of fans like a king. Be it weddings, get togethers, parties, or clubs, his songs are played and enjoyed by us everywhere. But did you manage to notice one of his recent and extremely popular songs in Spotify’s latest ad?

If not, let us introduce it to you now. Spotify is one of the world’s most used and liked music streaming platforms and it has recently launched a new ad in India. The team has shared the hilarious ads on Instagram and netizens are finding it super funny. 

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The plot of the ad is basically of a mother and son who are in the market for buying vegetables. While the mother is busy in arguments with the vegetable vendor, the boy is seen keeping himself away from the chaos by tuning on Spotify. And the song he’s listening to in the ad is none other than Harrdy Sandhu’s latest, superhit and extremely popular song Bijlee Bijlee. 


The ad is an indirect hint for fans that they can ignore all the unwanted and messy situations by sticking to their favorite music. The voice over in the ad also narrates the same by saying, ‘Life kate maze se, jab music chale spotify pe’.  The ad is simple, relatable and funny, which is garnering an amazing response from the fans. 

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Speaking of the song Bijlee Bijlee, it requires no praises as everyone is familiar with the song’s massive success. The song even made various Bollywood stars shake a leg and confess that they too are in love with the amazing track.

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