Diljit Dosanjh Gave Befitting Reply To The Troller. Says ‘Gal Soch Di Aa…Soch Badal Mama’

Prominent Punajbi artist Diljit Dosanjh always entertains his fans with amazing posts, cooking videos, chartbuster songs and blockbuster movies. With his varied engaging post he always captured the headlines. And again one of his posts which is rounding on social media has grabbed the attention of the internet.

A couple of days back, the star shared a picture in which he was seen at a Petrol Pump where he himself filled oil in his car. 


Several fans liked that the artist is down to earth and praised his looks, on the other hand, some attempted to mock him for doing this small task. But one of the twitter users, tried to troll him and wrote ‘what’s the point of earning so much money if you are doing this yourself. You should have 2-4 people to do this job.’

But Diljit didn’t let his comment go ignored. He smartly planned a vicious response and gave him a befitting reply. He wrote, “Mama.. Gal Soch Di aa, Eh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Kam Nu VADDA Shota Bana Dendi aa..Soch Badal Mama.. Eh Oh Hee Soch Aa Jehdi Na Aap Kush Kardi aa Te Na Kisey Nu Kush Karn dendi Aa..Tere Vargeya bare hee Kiha Janda..Dunia Ki KAHU Gi.. “Gussa Na Kari Veer”

Netizens were highly impressed by Diljit’s reply and came in support of the artist’s tweet.

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However, this isn’t the first time that the singer-actor has raised his voice on social media. He has always been vocal about his thoughts and has been known to give fitting replies to social media trolls.

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