“Ek Gaana Saade Lyi…”: Diljit Dosanjh Offers A Song To Inderjit Nikku Amid Financial Crisis

“Ek Gaana Saade Lyi…”: Diljit Dosanjh Offers A Song To Inderjit Nikku Amid Financial Crisis

We all remember the superstar Inderjit Nikku! There was one time this man sat at the top of the Punjabi Music Industry and gave hits after hits. He inspired millions, including the now-superstar of the Punjabi Industry, Diljit Dosanjh. However, a video recently went viral over social media that has left the whole Punjabi Community completely shocked.

The viral video shows Inderjit Nikku paying a visit to a Baba and opening up about his financial crisis. The singer even breaks down while talking about his pain and financial problems. Once on the top, Inderjit Nikku revealed that he is now suffering from the worst financial crisis of his life.

After the viral video, Diljit Dosanjh came up for help via his social media. By uploading an Instagram story, Diljit Dosanjh wrote that many people started wearing turban watching Inderjit Nikku and he was one of them. Amid the financial crisis, Diljit requested Inderjit Nikku to sing a song for him in his next movie.

Notingly, this is not the first time Inderjit Nikku has opened up about his crisis. In many of his interviews, he has talked about how people who were inspired by him, stepped on him and affected his career.

In one of his interviews, Inderjit Nikku even talks about his disappointment with Diljit Dosanjh. He said in the interview that he used to boost Diljit during the starting phase of his career and Diljit had told him that he was his inspiration. However, when Diljit rose to fame, his connection with Nikku totally vanished, which emotionally affected Nikku.

Inderjit Nikku is yet to reply to Diljit Dosanjh’s offer. However, we hope everything goes right with Inderjit Nikku. He has had a lasting effect on the Punjabi Music Industry and has made huge contributions to its growth. To see him like this is totally heart wrenching.

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