Diljit Dosanjh Reveals The Story Behind “Punjabi Agye Coachella Oye” At The Coachella Event

Diljit Dosanjh became the first Punjabi artist to perform at the international music festival Coachella 2023 while scripting his name in history. Still, his electrifying and energetic performance videos are enough to give goosebumps.  

Not just Punjabis but the entire nation was proud of him. Diljit made everyone groove on his beats at the event, from celebrities to fans to international artists. 

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Several videos of his splendid performance went viral. Among them was Diljit saying, “Punjabi Agye Coachella Oyee,” which created waves in the media. Recently, during an interview with Bhavneet Kaushal, he opened up about the story behind saying, “Punjabi Agye Coachella Oyee,” by stating it wasn’t just from him.

In the interview, Diljit shared that ten days before going to Coachella, someone made him realize that it would be a historical moment, as none from neither Punjab nor India had performed at that stage before. However, that person made Diljit realize that it will be for the first time that the Punjabi language will be spoken on the Coachella stage. 

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While realizing it, Diljit further revealed that “Punjabi Agye Coachella Oyee” wasn’t from him. Instead, it was from that person, as it was a moment that not Diljit but all Punjabis were going on the stage of Coachella, and eventually Diljit made the moment historic.

Diljit not only made everyone proud but also his performances at Coachella were a blast of entertainment as the singer got the crowd moving to his songs like “Patiala Peg,” “Lemonade,” “Proper Patola,” and “Born to Shine.”

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