Diljit Dosanjh Shares Behind The Shoot Pictures From Upcoming Album Moon Child Era

Diljit Dosanjh is one of the most popular artists of Punjabi Industry of current time. And we all are well aware of the hype created for his upcoming album “Moon Child Era”. And Diljit Dosanjh has recently dropped a surprise for his fans. He has shared the behind the shoot pictures from the video of his upcoming and awaited album Moon Child Era. In the pictures, Diljit is seen posing with Elwa Saleh. 


Model Elwa Saleh has also shared a picture with Diljit on her Instagram account.


Various fans shared their comments on Diljit’s post, and the maximum were showering love. But on the other hand, some haters tried to troll Diljit as in the pictures, Diljit’s legs are seen darked than the complexion of his face. On this, the G.O.A.T. artist Diljit planned to give a befitting reply to all the trolls and shared a savage story on his Instagram account. In the story he shared the close up picture of his tanned legs and wrote,

“Those of you who’s talking about my legs.. here’s a close up . Dhupeh lamey pe pe k latta Tan kitia bholeo ! Ah chako close up.”

We’re sure Diljit’s reply has shut the mouth of the haters. And talking about the artist’s upcoming album, we are eagerly waiting for it. We hope Diljit releases it soon. 

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