Diljit Dosanjh Sings Upcoming MoonChild Era Song ‘Lover’ Before Official Release

Diljit Dosanjh Sings Upcoming MoonChild Era Song ‘Lover’ Before Official Release

22 August has been booked by Diljit Disanjh to mark the release of the most anticipated album of his career and the year. ‘Moon Child Era’ is just weeks away from its official release and Diljit Dosanjh took it to his Instagram stories to give the audience a taste of the actual thing planned for them. He sang a few lines from the song called ‘Lover’ for the audience, which is also a part of the album.


The song immediately became the audience’s favourite. Diljit’s messages started flooding out with praises for the song. We’ve just heard a few lines of the songs and we are already blown away. What Diljit has hidden in the whole album will remain a mystery till 22 August.

It is the 5th song on the Moon Child Era tracklist. Though the full tracklist hasn’t yet been revealed, Diljit said that Lover is going to be the 5th track on the album. The superstar also added that this track is his favourite one from the whole album. 

We’ve only heard a few lines from the album and there’s no limit to how excited the audience is right now. The intro of the album titled ‘The Chosen One’ can drop anytime since the official release date has been made public.

Diljit Dosanjh, Intense and Raj Ranjidh’s Moon Child Era has been described as a ‘new beginning’ by Diljit. The album is also an important project for the artist because he defines it as the ‘First Project’ of his career. This album is going to be a different vibe for sure.

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