Diljit Dosanjh Songs That Shows He Is Trending In Every Era

Diljit Dosanjh, who is currently in the spotlight due to his online fight with Kangana regarding the Farmers Protest, has been in the buzz since forever for his superhit songs and mind blowing personality. From ruling to industry with his voice to ruling social media with his exceptional cooking skills, he has been the true GOAT. Here we have 10 songs from his career which prove he belongs to every era and will rock in future too.

1. Paggan Pochviyan

Paggan Pochviyan, released in 2005 was the biggest blockbuster hit. Every party was considered incomplete without this song. If you’ve heard it before, you must have grooved on it many times in your life already. Listen to it now, and you will realize Diljit still justified what he sang.

2. Daka

You might not remember this superhit song by its name, but the moment it plays anywhere, you feel like dancing like never before. This song is still loved by many people, and we must say if you love it too, you will love it forever.

3. Panga

‘Pehla bolida fer pichhe hati da nahi, jadon panga pai jave’ must be our rule for life too. This song was trending again on social media after Diljit-Kangana online fight, and this song is an energy booster like anything.

4. Lak 28 Kudi Da

Who needs an introduction for this song? After Panga, this is the second Diljit-Yo Yo collaboration we have in the list. This song is still in the playlist of our favourite tracks. We still remember the days how we used to rock the dance floor with our buddies.

5. Los Angeles

The duo of Yo Yo and Diljit Dosanjh is again here with the song Los Angeles. With this song, Diljit still continued to win the hearts of the listeners as everybody was his fan and dreamed of meeting him atleast once in his lifetime.

6. Patiala Peg

Patiala Peg is another song which needs no word for its introduction. We all are aware of what magic it created in the Punjabi industry as this song suppressed every other, and rules the industry like no other song ever did in history.

7. Proper Patola

Proper Patola is definitely one of the best songs of Diljit Dosanjh which will never go outdated. We loved it before, and with the passage of time, we love it even more. We are sure no other singer could have done right justice to this song other than Diljit.

8. 5 Taara

The best party break up anthem for every person who will go through a heartbreak will be 5 Taara forever. No other song can defect the remark this song has created. Not only has this song helped us in moving on like a boss but with a party like feeling.

9. Do You Know

Do you know that Do You Know is the best song you will ever listen to? Each time we listened to this song, we were hooked to it for weeks. Tell us whom will you dedicate this beautiful melody to and ask ‘Do you Know main tainu kinna pyaar karda’?

10. G.O.A.T

At last but not the least in the list is the latest album released by Diljit Dosanjh. We could not name one song as the best out of the whole album; hence we ended up mentioning the entire album. Which song from GOAT did you love the most?

We can bet you have heard at-least 9/10 songs of these and loved them. We are hooked to GOAT; tell us, which of these songs do you like the most? Also, we are a Bingo if Diljit Dosanjh is a permanent in your favourite playlist too.

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