Diljit Dosanjh’s Father Wanted Him To Be A Hockey Player Just Like Him

Diljit Dosanjh, a very talented artist, every girl’s dream boy and a role model for every guy is rocking the Punjabi Industry with his skills and personality but can you imagine him as a better fit for any other profession than this industry? Maybe as a hockey player?

In an interview, Diljit expressed how happy he was to have got the role of Sandeep Singh as a National Hockey Player. But there is also another background story to it. As revealed by Diljit, his father was a hockey player and wished the same for him too. Diljit’s Father wanted him to play Hockey and not just on the streets but on the ground where he can practice better.

He also shared that he didn’t like playing hockey as a kid much and despite his father’s wishes he still played on the street and never went to the ground. But his father being a player himself realized it after some time that Diljit lacked interest in playing hockey. On the contrary, Diljit actually had to learn to play hockey for his movie Soorma and he obviously did a great job and it eventually made his father happy.

Even if he didn’t play Hockey as a professional he still did an excellent job in the movie and managed to fulfil his father’s wish and the hardwork he did for the movie also proves how talented he is as an actor and how fit he is for the industry.

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