Diljit Dosanjh’s Latest Insta Live Session With Alexa & Brazilian Girl Ends With “Meri English Mukk’gyi”

Diljit Dosanjh's Latest Insta Live Session With Alexa & Brazilian Girl Ends With "Meri English Mukk'gyi"

Pollywood star Diljit Dosanjh is best known for his comic timing, and never fails to tickle the funny bones of the netizens. Be it his songs, movies or his funny videos on social media, the actor is perfect every time. He has been busy promoting his album Moon Child Era and movie Honsla Rakh but recently managed to have a live interaction with his fans on Instagram.

And this time what caught everyone’s attention was when he added a foreign fan in his live interaction. 

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The girl was from Brazil and wasn’t aware of the Punjabi language. Diljit asked her some questions but in between he switched to the native language which made the conversation more charming.

This part is flooding all over the internet where one can see Diljit being a total couch potato. He can be seen literally trying to speak english and what adds more fun when both the people were not able to cut the live calls at the end. 

If you think it’s amazing then take a look at his latest videos and know for yourself. 


The video is the best thing surfacing on social media and has surely made everyone’s day. And there’s no doubt that everytime knowingly or unknowingly Diljit always comes up with something that makes our day brighter.

Meanwhile, talking about his work front, the actor is all set to release his most awaited film Honsla Rakh starring along with Shehnaaz Gill, Sonam Bajwa and Shinda Grewal. The film will be released tomorrow on 15 October, 2021.

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