Hass Hass: Diljit Dosanjh Shares Story Behind Sia’s Verse In The Punjabi Song

Diljit Dosanjh, is one of the most versatile Punjabi sensations, who enchants audiences worldwide with his captivating voice. Punjabi artist Diljit Dosanjh gave a musical treat to all his fans and released his new track, ‘Hass Hass,’ a few days back, featuring pop sensation Sia, known for ‘Cheap Thrills.’ 

“Hass Hass” is Sia’s first collaboration with an India Company. Diljit successfully encouraged her to sing in Punjabi, and the Australian singer performed exceptionally well in terms of both the singing and the pronunciation.

Recently Diljit Dosanjh Shared the intriguing backstory behind this innovative concept. He shared his incredible first meeting with Sia, leaving the artist in awe. Diljit was taken aback by her songs and the vibrant energy she has. Sia eagerly expressed her interest in singing in Punjabi once he completed his contribution to the song.

Sia’s exceptional vocal and lyrical talents left Diljit uncertain, as he is someone who  isn’t known for his songwriting, feeling uncertain about adding new lyrics to the song. Nevertheless, Diljit forged ahead and penned the concluding paragraph of the song without hesitation. Sia delivered an outstanding performance in the song, captivating the audience with her part. 

In his Instagram announcement, Diljit expressed how Sia’s Punjabi verse in the song captured his heart. Diljit took to his social media handle to drop the music video and wrote, ” HASS HASS With Queen@siamusic Her PUNJABI is Jiting My DIL (her Punjabi is winning my heart). VIDEO OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE. SIA X DOSANJH.”

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