Diljit Shares His ‘Dream House’ Set-Up With Fans Exclusively In Gurugram Show! See Here

Diljit Dosanjh, this name is enough to make his millions of fans go gaga on social media and in real life too. The singer, actor and performer is an amazing artist who has managed to win every heart that knows him. Apart from releasing songs, and impressing us with his phenomenal acting skills, Diljit Dosanjh is also well known for his goofy and on-fire performance in live shows. And we are sure you are well aware of Diljit’s ongoing and awaited ‘Born To Shine World Tour 2022’

The superstar recently performed in Gurugram, the show was sold out and we don’t doubt the fact that he set the stage on fire too. But do you know Diljit’s Gurugram concert was not only about entertainment, conversations and energetic performance? In fact, it included some heart-to-heart conversations also which Diljit shared with his admirers. 

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There is a video surfacing online, in which Diljit is seen talking about his dream home with his fans. The video is heartwarming as Diljit shows the set-up of a house where he wishes to live. This stage set up of Diljit’s concert in Gurugram was second most talked about and eye grabbing thing, after the performance of Diljit himself. 


The house Diljit is showing and talking about, is extremely simple yet beautiful and ensures spreading nostalgia among fans. The house is not fancy, not a 4 BHK flat, or a villa, but a simple home painted with soil. And when Diljit being a superstar and a celebrated name across the globe says he wishes to live there, he won our hearts once again without any efforts. 

We are sure Diljit has not only impressed us, but you too are drooled over his simplicity and down to earth nature. And sharing such heartfelt conversations with fans on stage definitely proves that he is a man who is still far away from evils like ego.

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