Dilpreet And Mehar Vaani’s Shining Koka Track Will Instantly Make You Groove

Name: Shining Koka
Singer: Dilpreet Dhillon & Mehar Vaani
Lyricist: Mandeep Maavi

Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon has handed over his latest song ‘Shining Koka’ to his fans. The song was released on the YouTube channel of Speed Records. The song also features the vocals of Mehar Vaani with Dilpreet Dhillon and Teena Chhetri has been featured in its music video. The lyrics of the song are written by Mandeep Maavi, while Desi Crew has given music to it. 


Starting with the genre of the song, Shining Koka is an absolutely up-beat and energetic song. Dilpreet Dhillon as usual has done a commendable job as his vocals have succeeded in impressing us. On the other hand, Mehar Vaani’s voice also needs to be appreciated as she is beautifully complimented with the voice of Dilpreet. Both the lyrics and the music are perfectly blending with each other which make the song a treat for the ears. 

Also, the music video of Shining Koka is made with utter perfection because it keeps you engaged and hooked. The colorful theme of the shooting sets, fancy cars and the camera handling, everything seems to be very perfect. And for this, we have to give all the credits to none other than B2Gether Pros. And by any chance do not miss to catch the glimpse of Jordan Sandhu and enjoy the cute performance of show-stealers; an elderly couple. 

The song surely is going to be the most played one in the gyms. Imagine how amazing it’s going to be performing your workout and weight lifting and this song playing in the background. Can’t imagine? That’s probably because you haven’t listened to this song yet. Follow the link below and you’re all set to groove on it’s up-tempo beats.

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