Dilpreet Dhillon Breaks Silence on Youtube!

As we told you about Dilpreet and Aamber Dhaliwal’s ongoing controversy, Aamber had blamed Dilpreet that he has been cheating and treating her badly, there were even images of physical abuse on social media.

Here is what happened so far

Screen-grab from Dilpreet Dhillon’s Instagram

Dilpreet who hadn’t spoken about it so far broke his silence in his you-tube Live, where he claimed that it was Aamber’s family who doesn’t want this relationship to work out, but are looking for cheap publicity. On allegations that Dilpreet had money from Aamber’s family, Dilpreet clearly told that he has spent more than 100000$ on Aamber’s education and home purchase in the US.

Dilpreet told that he is been the victim of social media trial, but he still doesn’t wish this situation between husband and wife to be discussed on social media but was provoked because of Aamber’s interview with Radio announcer Bassi from Canada.

Source: Social media

He also said that he is been taking Aamber everywhere with him and because she wanted he even shared his locations and most of the time Aamber was with him in shows. Dilpreet made it clear that whatever Aamber says against him, he isn’t gonna say a word about her because she was under influence.

By the end of his live session he also shared that his phone was locked by Aamber as it was active with her ID’s. If Aamber really wanted truth to come out in public they wouldn’t have locked his phone.

While Dilpreet didnt speak about his marriages he made it clear that before marriage everything was clear between them and now biringing this up is just another way of cheap publicity by Aamber’s family.

Courtesy: Dilpreet Dhillon Youtube.

We will keep you updated in this matter still hoping that matter is resolved with dialogue rather than social media trial, which hasn’t done justice to people the majority of times. Justice must prevail.

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