‘Dukh Ohde Ghardeya Nu Pata’: Dilpreet Dhillon Replies To Drunk Fans Forcing Him To Do Sidhu Moosewala’s Signature Thaapi

Dilpreet Dhillon is currently making it to news headlines for one of his recent concerts. A video is now going viral on social media, in which Dilpreet is seen giving a befitting reply to some notorious fans. 

Dilpreet Dhillon is one of the much-loved singers in the Punjabi Music Industry. His songs like Shining Koka, Gulab, Pica, Sira and more have worked wonders for him with millions of views. Apart from this, he often performs live in his concerts and wins his fans’ hearts. 

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But in one of his recent concerts, Dilpreet got into an unwanted argument with some notorious fans. Actually, while Dilpreet was performing, some drunk fans demanded the singer to do Sidhu Moosewala’s signature thigh-five (thaapi).  


And in return, Dilpreet chose not to ignore them. In fact, the singer went on to give the drunk fans a befitting reply. He not only performed Sidhu Moosewala’s signature thaapi, but also gave a bold reply to the fans who demanded it. 


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While the fans demanded Dilpreet to do Sidhu’s signature thaapi, and went on to abuse the singer when he did not fulfil their demands. Noticing the fans abusing him during the live concert, Dilpreet Dhillon invited them on stage and asked them politely to abuse him on stage. 


Dilpreet said, ‘Ure Aake Kadd Sahmane Aa Ke, Oh Veere Thaapi Aah Lae (does thaapi signature step).. Thaapi Waali Gall Ni Hundi..Gall Main Kehnda, Asi Stagaan Te Thaapiyaan Maari Jaande Aa Na, Dukh Ohde Ghardeyaan Nu Pata.. Tuhanu Daaru Pee Ke Ki Pata?’

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The video of the incident is now going viral on social media. Netizens are praising Dilpreet for his words and for giving a deserving reply to the notorious and drunk fans.

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